I supppose looking through my web page you
should have a fair idea upon the type of person
I'm likely to be especially through my other links,
I use the song describe the idea of my HP, that in a way
shows all the different sides of my hurricane life
If you want to look at it that way, I'm just a normal
student who experiences all knids of different moods
and I act accordingly to them, and song are the best
way to convey feelings in a way so that you don't
totally embarass yourself.
Besides the sentimental part on music, it also keeps me
well informed with the latest top hits and artists around
the world, with the net u are able to try ur ear at a whole
different aspect of music, not just popular american
chart toppers, my second link, "Rocknet" gives me that
kind of diversity and hey, it's not bad , try it out
yourself, there are a whole lot of other asian stations
but I find this particular station expands it's  music
to the whole Pacific rim now that's a pretty wide area to
cover! you want hk, taiwan, japan, usa, india.........
the list just goes on for miles!! what ever asian country
ur looking for, they've got it. Pretty impressive huh?
Now I happen to also be a fanatic tennis fan, so that
sort of explains the link to the tennis grounds huh?I'm
a TERRIBLE tennis player(my friends say I'm able to
hit someone's head off if I'm not too careful!) but
I can sit for hours on end just watching
the French Open or the US world cup..................
that would be sheer bliss! just the thought of that, I'm
always trying to persuade someone else to join me so
maybe that's the reason behind my putting the tennis
page as one of my link. Besides, I'm a very active person,
I doubt you would ever see me still, I'm a bit hyper active!
I also put all the possible links that i think it will help u to help
the info. u need on my home pages. e.g. like link to the news,
link to the educations, link to the Fashion around the world,
and some other links to help you to catch up with the world;
to able you to be update with the latest news, fashion and everything
happening around the wide owrld today .
ok, after all of this, I hope you get the idea of what I'm
like, I hope it explains all of the images and links I've
inserted into  my webpage, If you are someone like me,
why don't you drop me a line, it doesn't matter where you
are, I'd be happy to meet you! Wish to hear from you soon!!!
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Bye-Bye!!!!! :)