A nice guy, funny nice understanding. I know him from last summer
It only took us a while to becoome good friends _^* maybe it's because we 2 have the same hobbies. He is an oversea student been here less than 2 years ^_* Hope you can know him as well ^_*
A very good friend of mine , we 2 been knowing each other for more than 6 years.He is studying in UWS now.
Hope to see him soon. He is very sensitive when dealing with love ^_* cccc
One of my best friends!!! Unfortunally he is not in sydney now, he went back to Taiwan sad >_<
He tought me many things....and he always puch me to study ! He is really a good friend to be with! ^_*
She is one of my good female friends...when you talking to have to be ware of what you saying,
because she might pick on you anytime anywhere as long as she likes. ^_* i had a taste of it already ^_*
ps: She is studying in UTS if anyone studying in careful lol ^_*
She is 10's sister and she used to be my prinmary school's classmate..for year 5 & 6 while we are both still in Taiwan.
Then when we both came to Sydney , we became classmate to each other again ...gee..wasnt that amzing? ^_*
She is currently studying in Maq. University ^_*
He is like a older brother to me. ^_* He is very kind and nice...always care about me and kevin and bill so much!
He is our big brother. ^_* He is working now...hope he wouldnt get too tired after finish his work.^_*