a little info about me
Name James Chien Huang Chen
Email address top secret if i am happy ..then i will let u know
gender male
date of birth too old to tell...so forget it lol ^_*
place of birth Taiwan
ICQ 1545434
wish i wish one more wish
city Sydney
state NSW
Country Australia
I'm currently studying in University of Sydney in Australia. I am doing Bacher of Arts
   in University of Sydney and majoring in Psychology and also doing computer science and Info Tech. Tools and Stastic & Intergal & Discrete MATHS.
I have 2 sisters one is 11 years younger than me (suprise ?) and another sister whos 1 year younger than me.
 I m one of those person whos very active. I love sport very much, especially basketball and volley
 ball.(I use to play for my High School which is Kilara Hing School) Oh, and i also love ICQing (even though it doesn't qualify as an active sport hehe..)
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